Common Skincare Errors: 12 Mistakes to Avoid

Bad habits are not unique to just you, especially the ones that can be harmful to your skin. Let’s break them down and see them for what they are.

Caring for the blemishes the wrong way

Whatever you call them; acne, pimples, zits or blemishes. The bottom line is that almost everyone gets them at a certain time their life. For some, they are more severe than others. Most of the people deal with them in the wrong way:

  • They perform minor surgery in front of the mirror picking at it.
  • They use the wrong treatment at the wrong phase of the breakout.
  • They use the wrong treatment on the wrong kinds of blemishes.

All these mistakes result in the blemishes lasting for a long time and leave the dark and red scars that remain there for months.

Getting too aggressive with active products

People are careless about buying and using skincare products. They do not realize that all the products are not suitable for all types of skin. There are active products containing 70% glycolic with pH less than 2 per cent which can be very dangerous for the skin.

The chemical exfoliants like AHAs and active like retinol do change the skin for better but overdoing it can cause harm as well.

Exfoliating too often and with too many products

There has been a general idea about exfoliating that if it doesn’t sting or burn, it doesn’t work. People exfoliate aggressively in the quest of having smooth skin which is actually harming the skin. Too much hard scrubbing can damage lipid layer of the skin which results in dehydration, flaking and inflammation. Also, it stimulates melanin activity that causes increased hyperpigmentation.

Damaging the skin barrier

Skincare products that contain too many actives disrupt the skin barrier. When the actives are too strong or overused, they dry out and chemically burn the skin, upsetting melanocytes and damaging the layer of lipid on the skin.

A disrupted skin barrier makes the skin more blotchy,  irritated, vulnerable, and out of balance. When the skin barrier is out of balance, even the most affable ingredients can affect it badly.

Not going back to basics

Sometimes, when the skin is in a bad shape, the best way to deal with it can be starting from the beginning again; feeding and building the skin back. An aloe-healing gel, a gentle non-foaming cleanser and a hydrating non-active moisturizer will be your best tools. Also, using a physical sunblock high in titanium, zinc and iron oxides with the least SPF 40 in it will be beneficial as well.

The balanced skin is nutrient healthy and it stays hydrated, heals quickly, it is flexible to the touch. And that’s when the magic starts to happen; actives can more effectively reduce pore size, change the depth of a wrinkle, brighten the skin and make it firm.

Not using sunscreen or not using it generously enough

Daylight, sunlight and UV rays are one of the reasons for premature ageing of the skin. And, about 78 per cent of these rays come from incidental exposure. It means that you are exposed to harmful rays even when you do not realize it, like sitting in your office or home near the window, driving in the car, or walking outside on a cloudy winter day when people do not think they need protection from the sun.

If you want wrinkle-free skin, you must wear sunscreen every day; indoors or outdoors, sunshine or rain.

Either using alcohol-based toners or no toner at all

Toners are one of the most crucial skin-care regimens that you should use every day. However, using toner that has a high quantity of alcohol will just dehydrate your skin and cause more dead cell buildup.

Many people stop using toner because it leaves their skin dry and they start to skip it altogether and miss out its skin benefits. In this case, changing you toner with one that has less alcohol in it can be helpful.

Toners that are free of alcohol are to be used after every cleansing for the following benefits:

  • They moisturize your skin when left damp on your skin before you apply moisture.
  • They remove minerals like drying chlorines that are found in tap water.
  • They help the active ingredients of your moisturizer and serum go deeper into your skin.

Ignoring your neck

Most of the women do apply moisturizer to their neck daily and nightly but they do it as an afterthought. For example, she will rub moisturizer onto her face and then she will extend down onto her neck whatever is leftover on her fingertips. This practice does not truly help in the quest of smooth skin on the neck.

Same is the case with applying sunscreen. It is deemed to be one of the best anti-ageing agents in the world. The sunscreen applied as an afterthought is not enough to the job it is applied for. It needs to be applied generously for full sun protection.

Using skin care products the wrong way

You are supposed to follow the instructions given to you on the product itself or by the skincare professional. Many skin issues caused by skin-care products due to non-favourable reactions. It can be resolved simply by using the product according to the written instructions.

Some people, when using these products, feel that it is better to use them more often to reduce breakouts. However, this is not a good practice particularly in the case of acid serums. Acid serums reduce clogged pored to promote clearer skin. If they are overused, they can increase breakouts due to inflammation and irritation.

It is important that you read the instructions thoroughly before applying them on your skin. Using them according to the instructions will give you the best results.

Not using the right skin routine

This is common for those who still get clogged pores and breakouts and experiencing fine lines and wrinkles. Their skincare routine is either only addressing the skin issues with drying acne products, or they are using stronger anti-ageing products. It can be difficult to treat both these issues because they need the best of both worlds.

The acne reducing products that make your skin feeling dry, tight and irritated is not a good choice for them. These products create dry skin cell buildup that traps bacteria and oil within the pores which, in turn, leads to more breakouts. The anti-ageing products that make your skin greasy are most definitely a no-no because oil breeds bacteria which is not good for acne-prone skin as it leads to breakouts.

The best strategy to treat all the skin problems is by using a gentle salicylic acid exfoliant with moisturizer thrice a week.

Not wearing foundation

Some people hide their blemishes, scarring, wrinkles and brown spots under makeup. Others have clean skin so they don’t think wearing foundation makeup is needed and not wearing it helps their skin breathe which is beneficial for it.

First of all, the skin doesn’t need direct oxygen so it is a myth that it needs breathing. Makeup can be thought to be a skin-care product as it protects the skin from UV light and environmental damage. Most of the powder and liquid foundations contain ingredients like titanium dioxide that works as a natural sun protectant.

Not using the right exfoliant or not exfoliating often

Many people have a facial scrub but they use it only when they remember. Exfoliation is an important skincare routine. If you are not doing it very often, you are missing out on major skin improvement.

Using facial scrubs thrice a week is beneficial. It is recommended by the dermatologists to use an exfoliating acid serum underneath a moisturizer. An acid serum has ingredients like lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids. They dissolve the glue that holds dead cells together, revealing smoother, brighter and clearer skin in the morning. Therefore, an acid serum is a perfect routine to benefit your skin.

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