About Us

Divas Hair Care is a lifestyle website created by me, Wanda Scribner in September 2017 because I felt there was a need for that. It is for women of every skin tone, hair type, and color but with a special focus on black women who want to have a natural hair look and need all the necessary things to achieve it in the right manner. It was created to help women from around the world to share their hair concerns and get advice from experts to solve their hair problems. We are a group of people who gather here together to share good vibes, entertainment, share our experiences with different hair products, and for guidance to help make our fellow beings to make the best purchase. This is a journey for whoever wants to join and get involved in the discussion about the best hair styling tools out there.

We aim at inspiring, entertaining, and guiding you about every hair related item and concern. Do we delve into answering the important questions like why some women are scared to try and get natural hair? Is it expensive? Is it hard? Is it not for you if you are not endowed with big curls? What are the best products to help you achieve the best natural hair? Here, we talk all about hair. We talk about how to keep your hair healthy, maintain and take care of it. Your tresses are important to us and our effort is all about providing you with the right information that you need to have a successful journey. We help you with the guide on what to do on the first day and even before that. Your journey is unique and personal, and we have gathered up various posts to ensure that you get only what is best for you along with making sure you have accurate knowledge about ins and outs of it along the way.

We have a great team of professional hairdressers, people with 4c textured hair who got it fixed, professional barbers, and many more. We are here to help you achieve a celebrity-like look. We have Alexis Lessman from New York. She is a professional hairdresser and sub-editor here on this website. She is 32 years young and is one of the founders of Divas Hair Care. She is happily married and has two kids who do everything in their capacity to not let her do her work. She wanted to be a hairdresser from a very young age and she followed her heart and devoted her life to hairstyling. Her devoted clients, whom she helps with their hair problems, assure her every day that she made the best decision. She became a professional after years of learning and then practice for more years. She is an inspiration for the people who want to follow her dreams and motivate them to work hard to achieve what they want in their lives. She met me at a conference in Houston when I had started a salon chain in Houston. We worked together and had a great time together, having fun and laughing non-stop. That was the start of our friendship and we never stopped being friends.

Then we have Mary Judkins. She is our guide through the Rosey world of 4c textured hair for black women. She believes that curly hair provides you with unlimited possibilities of styling. She has been endowed with type 4 curly hair. She knows everything about how to keep them frizz-free, less curly, hydrated, cared for, and pretty much everything to keep your curly hair manageable. Whether you make a choice to have your tresses straightened or you decide to intensify their beauty, she is there for you.

And Then there’s me, Wanda Scribner. I was born and raised in Houston. I always had a passion for styling hair. That’s why I never let go of the opportunity to make hairstyles for my mom and my younger sister. You will probably always find styling hair for someone. Now I am 54 years old and married and have a 19 years old daughter who has been the subject of every hairstyle idea that crosses my mind. 

I turned my hobby into a career 26 years ago when I started a small salon of my own in Houston. So I might know a thing or two about hair styling. 

Alexis Lessman
Alexis Lessman is a professional hairdresser, founder and sub-editor for Divas Hair Care from New York.

Mary Judkins
Mary Judkins is a content developer at Divas Hair Care. She is endowed with 4c textured so she is our guide to this rosey world.

Wanda Scribner
Wanda Scribner is a co-founder of Divas Hair Care. She is from Houston and has a passion for hairstyling.