Makeup on Fire: Relieving and Applying on Inflamed Skin

Inflamed or irritated skin is one of the most common skin problems. It is also one of the trickiest issues to address especially when cannot find the cause of it. A quick visit to your skincare practitioner will solve the problem and restore the skin to its radiant glory.

Healing irritated and inflamed skin can take time which means you have to cover them up with makeup until it goes away. However, not using the right product or the skincare technique can make the problem worse.

When you are experiencing skin problems like inflammation, dryness, coolness etc, it is important that you choose your skincare and beauty products. The products that work to keep your blemishes at bay and allow your skin to heal itself. Does that sound like a lot of work to you? We have talked to some of the best dermatologists who broke this issue down for us and we are pleased to present to you the best ways to soothe and apply makeup on inflamed skin.

What does inflamed skin mean?

Redness, irritation, tenderness, swelling and warmth are some of the signs of inflamed skin. There are several factors responsible for inflammatory skin problems including a chronic condition and genetics. Diet and disruption in hormones levels can cause acne breakouts. And, everything from your skincare routine and the weather can affect the skin conditions like rosacea and eczema. And, stress and illnesses can impact psoriasis. And, environmental exposure can trigger allergic reactions. All of these skin problems are accompanied by inflammation.

Inflammations can appear differently due to their different causes. Rosacea flare-ups are characterised by redness which is, sometimes, accompanied by bumps, burnings, and swelling. Acne present with red and small bumps. Whereas seborrhea or eczema are more chronic, they come with flaking and dryness. And, in an allergic reaction, the acute inflammation is sometimes presented with fluid-filled bumps, stinginess and itchiness.

How Does Makeup impact Inflammed Skin?

Generally, the inflamed skin should be left alone and makeup-free so that the harmful ingredients in the product do not make the situation worse. Also, you will need a lot of makeup to cover up all of it which can be more harmful than beneficial. It can lead to congestion making the skin feel more sensitive, uncomfortable and tight. Hence, using the right beauty product is the key. Depending on the ingredients, it can either comfort the skin or exacerbate the skin condition.

Which Ingredients to look for?

When you are experiencing inflammation of the skin, you need to avoid products with benzoyl peroxide, retinoids and salicylic acid. These ingredients can make your skin condition worse. Rather you should use natural ingredients like cucumber, peppermint and thyme as they ease soreness and swelling and comfort inflamed skin.

Anti-inflammatory ingredients such as green tea and aloe vera can help with irritation, redness, and sensitivity. Aloe is perfect for cooling down and it soothes the skin. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and helps with inflammation and clears away blemishes and scars.

How to apply makeup on inflamed skin?

You need to prepare your skin before applying a full face makeup on the face even when your skin is in the best condition. However, preparing your skin is more important when dealing with inflammation.

You can begin with a five-minute express masking routine that calm and soothes the inflamed skin. Here are the steps to follow for a five-minute express masking routine.

  • Step 1: Make a Perfect Masking Mix

Put a quarter-size of hydrating B5 masque and resveratrol B E in a bowl and mix them well. Apply this mix of the inflamed skin evenly.

This combination of potent hydrating ingredients and antioxidants provides protection and nourishment which replenish the skin sealing in moisture.

  • Step 2: Add One More Layer of Defense

Apply Biocelluose Restorative Masque and keep it on for about five minutes. This mask contains heat-reducing water along with bio-fibres that soothes and cools irritation on inflamed and sensitive skin.

Then apply 4-6 drops of C E Ferulic on your inflamed skin to increase skin’s defences and keep it from getting further damaged from UV radiations, pollutants and free radicals.

  • Step 3: Soothe irritation

Calm irritation and sensitivity further with Phyto Corrective Gel. Apply only four to six drops of Phyto Corrective Gel and slowly rub them on your face on the affected area. The gel contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory botanicals that soothe inflammation and reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

  • Step 4: Provide more protection

Regardless of what your skin type is or whether you go out under the sun or not, you always need to protect your skin from sun. It is recommended that you use a sunscreen with SPF of more than 50 if you have inflamed skin.

The Right Makeup for Inflammed Skin

The formula and the ingredients used should be your top consideration especially when you are experiencing any skin problem like inflammation. You need to steer away from the ingredients like dimethicone and silicone as they stay on the epidermis and cause dehydration. Also, avoid fragrances, isopropyl myristate and lanolin as they can trigger inflammation in delicate skin.

Use shade matching in the areas which are not inflamed such as forehead and jawline. Choose a natural shade so that it doesn’t look too cool on the skin.

Moreover, to be on the safe side, choose products that are made for sensitive skin and that are free of allergens and tested by dermatologist.

How to Apply Makeup to Cover Inflammation?

Use a blending sponge to apply the products for a more natural-looking and seamless finish. Here are some of the things you need to take care of while applying the makeup on the inflamed skin to conceal discolouration and blemishes.

  • Apply the product with light pressure to avoid getting it irritated with rubbing. Use gentle motions with a soft foundation brush or blending sponge to build pigments on the inflamed areas. Tap the product lightly over the area and sweep the edges to blend it into the skin flawlessly.
  • Apply Quick Fix Color-Correcting Powder Pigments for covering inflammatory discolouration due to acne.
  • Use the right pigment for the discolouration and the skin tone. Green is perfect for covering red marks and lesions. Orange conceals purple or brown marks in slightly darker complexions. And Red hides black or brown marks darker skin tones.
  • Keep your brushes and sponges. Dirty makeup tools can transfer bacteria on your skin which can infect make the situation worse.
  • Always take off your makeup before going to bed, whether you have inflamed skin or not. Leaving makeup on the skin overnight is one of the major causes of irritation, breakouts, and allergic reaction.

How to Remove the Makeup from Inflamed Skin

You should be as careful while removing the makeup as applying it. Use a mild cleanser designed for sensitive skins. Removing makeup means removing the dirt and pollution from the face as well. Here are the steps for a perfect nighttime skincare regimen.

  • Step 1:

Apply a moisturizer containing Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2, vitamin E, essential lipids, and essential oils. It will work as a perfect anti-ageing facial treatment that reduces wrinkles and fine lines while restoring moisture.

  • Step 2:

After cleansing your face, apply an overnight leave-on face mask. Choose a face mask with soothing and nourishing ingredients like cucumber, olive and thyme extracts that can ease the discomfort and reduce the redness and soothes sensitive and stressed skin.

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