Daytime Skincare Order: The Ultimate Guide

Do you wonder where should you fit the new product you bought in your skincare regimen? We asked skin specialists who answered this question and we bring this step-by-step guide for you to develop a perfect skincare regimen.

The order in which you apply your skincare products does make a difference, therefore, it is crucial that you know the right order for your skincare routine.

Why does sequence matter?

Applying the skincare products in the right order allows the skin to reap the full benefit of each product.

The order of the products is incredibly important. The skincare products work best when the beneficial ingredients in them penetrate deeper into it. Only a small amount of these products goes in it even if these products are perfectly applied. You will not be able to get most out of your skincare routine if you don’t apply products in the correct order. And sometimes, the wrong order can make the situation even worse for you.

Timing Matters Too

Some estheticians believe that the timing of applying skincare products is as important as the order of application. It is crucial that you consider the time the products need to be absorbed in the skin. But, most of us can’t take out much time to wait for the first product to be absorbed before applying the next, therefore, the best bet is to keep your skincare routine simple.

Labels of many products say that you have to wait from 5 to 30 minutes before moving to the next product. If you use many products, wait a while to let each product to react to the product properly before moving to the next.

Also, everyone has a unique skin type that will react differently to every product. Watch closely how your skin is reacting to your products and make your choices wisely.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Layer the Skin Care Products Properly

The simple rule of thumb to apply your skincare products is to start from the thinnest to the thickest, or from liquid to cream. But you should also start with the products containing the more important ingredients for your skin and that you want to penetrate into the skin such as antioxidants and vitamin C. Also, you will want to finish your skincare regimen with products that should just sit on the surface of the skin like hydrants and emollients.

The best Daytime Skin Care Regimen


Start by washing your face with warm water or with a gentle face cleanser for your specific skin type.


Most people skip using toners because of the lingering assumption that most toners irritate the skin which is not true. Toners transport useful elements such as antioxidants, and vitamin B derivatives deeper into the skin.

There are different toners for different skin issues, therefore, it is important that you use the right one for your skin.

If you have never used toner and your skin still looks healthy then there is no need to include it in your skincare routine. The main purpose of using a toner is to bring the skin’s pH back to normalcy as it gets disrupted because of soaps and some other skincare products. However, most of the face cleansers used today are better balanced that there is no need to use toners. But, if you like using it, there is no harm in that.


Serums are nutrient-dense, super-concentrated treatments that are used for specific skin problems, so they should be applied closer to the skin. There is a wide range of serums available in the market today. We recommend antioxidant serums that reduce skin’s inflammatory response and protect skin from getting damaged due to ultraviolet rays and environmental pollutants.


The skin around your eyes is more sensitive and thinner than the rest of the face. It is important to apply an eye cream at least once every day. Eye creams help maintain the health and thickness of the skin around the eyes and eyelids. If you start using in earlier years, it will help keep its laxity and smooth appearance.

Consistency is key for smooth and healthy; you don’t get results overnight. Its regular use keeps the eyelid skin elastic and prevents fine line or collagen loss.

Also, choose an eye cream with higher SPF factor or apply sunscreen to further protect this delicate skin. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and skin from UV rays.


Acne spot treatments and other prescription medications should be applied closer to your skin to get the best results.

Different acne spot treatments contain different active ingredients, therefore, it is important that you read the label of the products carefully and talk to your dermatologist to ensure that you use the right product. Benzoyl peroxide is a common ingredient for acne spot treatment. It should sit on the skin-surface for one to three hours to show results. If you apply any other skincare product before benzoyl peroxide is completely absorbed, it will inhibit it from working properly.

Ingredients used to treat acne can dry out your skin, therefore, it’s better that you apply it only on those areas that need it.


Even if you have oily skin, you still need a moisturizer. Though our skin has a natural lubricating system consisting of oil-producing glands that maintain a protective layer on the skin, we still need some extra hydration to combat the weather, sun and harsh chemicals.

A moisturizer is to be applied on the damp skin after applying your treatment and serum so that it may lock hydration in the skin.

If you are using a spot treatment, you should avoid applying the moisturizer on those areas to ensure that it does not interfere with the active ingredients in the spot treatment.


If you are using a mineral or physical sunscreen, it should be applied last in the daytime skincare routine. For a chemical sunscreen, this step is a little more tricky as it has to be absorbed into the skin to be effective. Applying chemical sunscreen after the moisturizer hinders and delays the effect of sunscreen.  But, if you apply it before your moisturizer, the moisturizer will not work well either as it cannot reach the skin.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use a physical sunscreen containing zinc and apply it after the moisturizer. Zinc is safe and effective in providing protection against ultraviolet rays.


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