Things you need to know before Microblading your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are an important part of our identity, especially for women. That is the reason why we spend so much money and time waxing, threading, plucking and filling them in. Trends about eyebrows tend to change a lot which is why permanent tattooing is not a good option. Therefore, microblading with its semi-permanent and low-maintenance appeal has become so popular among the ladies who don’t want a life-long commitment. Microblading helps woman get perfectly shaped eyebrows with little effort. Although being a little pricey, microblading has mixed reviews from beauty enthusiasts and estheticians.

Keep reading if you are curious to find out if this arch-perfecting procedure is right for you or not. We have collected every information that you should know before you make a final decision about microblading your eyebrows.

  • It’s similar to the traditional tattoo technique

Microblading involves small needles to deposit pigments like getting a tattoo. It uses a manual tattoo technique to deposit natural hair-like strokes. The small needles that look like a blade are used to deposit pigment into the top layer of the skin.

The main difference between traditional tattooing and microblading is the depth of depositing pigment in the skin. The pigments deposited by microblading break down over time and they eventually fade away. While traditional tattooing is performed with a machine which works deeper in the skin, therefore, it lasts for a long time.

  • The process has Two Parts

The first appointment usually lasts for two or three hours. The micorblading itself takes up to one hour. The beauty expert will create a template according to the person’s facial features and structure.

The second appointment is six to eight weeks after the first one. The beauty expert examines how the skin has healed and made necessary adjustments with the density and colour. This appointment can last up to one and a half hours.

In addition to these two appointments, there is an annual touch-up appointment to maintain the shape of the brow.

  • It hurts a little

Generally, you experience little to no discomfort but you may get mild swelling with redness after microblading, but it is hardly noticeable. Most beauty experts apply a numbing cream before starting the procedure and you don’t feel any pain.

  • It is not for everyone

Microblading is not suitable for everyone. Ladies who are nursing or pregnant should avoid it. Also, people undergoing chemotherapy should wait till they finish the treatment as it can increase the risk of infection. Generally, those who are under any kind of treatment or taking blood-thinning medications are advised to consult their doctors first before going for the procedure.

  • Your skin type makes a difference

The procedure benefits some skin types more than others. Therefore, do your research and discover the right technique for you. Usually, drier skins show better results than oilier ones as the drier skins retain pigment and keep the crispest strokes. Oilier skins heal a little slower and they have less crisp.

  • It doesn’t stop the natural hair growth

One of the myths about microblading is that it stops natural hair growth which is completely false. It doesn’t impact the natural hair growth if done in the right manner. On the contrary, sometimes, it promotes hair growth which helps create a fuller look.

  • Safety first

If you have decided to get microblading on your eyebrows, it is important that you search for a highly skilled and experienced beauty practitioner. Everything used in the procedure is “one-time-use” which should be disposed of after completely after using. Also, keep cleanliness and credentials in mind. See the work of the artist as it important for your safety as well as your whole experience with microblading.

It is semi-permanent and it lasts up to 2 years if done properly depending on the lifestyle and skin otherwise the pigment can go deeper into the skin making it permanent.

  • Invest in the best style that suits you

Microblading is not a cheap procedure. The price depends on demographics and location. Normally, it ranges from 25 to 50 thousand rupees. So, do your research and invest in a beauty practitioner who suits your style. If you think that getting it from the best artist is out of your budget, it is worth saving and get it done later.

  • Healing can take some time

The point to note here is that everyone heals differently. The colour is definitely noticeable in the first week or so. It may start to get a little flaky on day five. Some people may experience scabbing. You should resist the urge to pick the scabs or flakes as they can take out the pigment which can lead to loss of colour in those areas. The healing process, normally take a whole month.

  • Strictly the after-care guidelines

When it is healing, you should avoid getting it wet with sweat or water meaning you should avoid working out or going to a swimming pool. Also, avoid applying any cosmetics on the brow. If you have to clean them, dab cotton rounds in lukewarm water and wipe your brows gently with them. Do this procedure about two or three times a day to them clear of any lymph fluid.

You can also apply a barrier cream depending on your skin type. It can be applied once or twice a day but the oily skins need it a little less and drier skin needs it a little more.

  • Avoid the exposure to the sun and products containing retinol

It is better that you avoid going out in the direct sunlight. If you have to go outside, use a sunscreen with higher SPF. Keep your eyebrows protect while they are healing to ensure the best results. Also, avoid using cosmetics especially those that contain retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids.

Wanda Scribner

Wanda Scribner is a co-founder of Divas Hair Care. She is from Houston and has a passion for hairstyling. She knows quite some things about different types of hair and the ways to manage them and make the most suitable hairstyles with them. She has a 19 years old daughter on whom she has implemented the unique hairstyle ideas that come to her mind. She has grown tired with her mom trying new hairstyles on her, but Wanda has not.

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